Welcome to our website and thank you for being interested in the Heinz Galinski Elementary School.  Our school is run by the Jewish Community of Berlin and is fully accredited.  Our curriculum closely matches the German public school curriculum but puts special emphasis on Jewish themes and traditions, especially Hebrew language studies, religion and history.  We celebrate all Jewish holidays.
Our school was the first Jewish primary school established in Berlin after World War II.  It opened in 1986 in Berlin-Charlottenberg with 25 students.  Today, we are located in Berlin-Westend and have about 300 students.

Our teachers rely on modern teaching methods in all subject areas.  Every classroom and learning center is equipped with an interactive white board, and from the third grade on, students work with small laptops called “classmates.”

The school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for the children to choose from.  Please see our activities link for more information.  The in-house cafeteria provides organic and kosher lunches cooked fresh daily in our school’s kitchen.

At the Heinz Galinski School, all children regardless of their religious backgrounds are welcome to attend.

This year’s school theme is: good behavior and good manners come before the Torah.