Media Arts

Kim Eustice und Stacey Cone

An activity group designed for advanced English speakers

Media arts is an activity combining art skills, creative writing, performance and creation of small films and recordings. The language of the activity is English, and each project emphasizes a specific point of grammar. (eg. use of the present perfect tense).
The activity is a co-operation between native speakers Ms Cone (art) and Ms Eustice (music) as part of the developing “English as partner language“ stream in the curriculum.

What does a media arts project look like?

1. A concept is given to the pupils. eg. “An Alien on Earth”. The pupils brainstorm a story line which is then written or dialogues improvised and recorded.

2. The content is then used to develop 2 or more media products. eg. a cartoon film with audio soundtrack, radio interviews or news reports, puppet show, audio – book, song, pieces of visual art etc.

3. Each project will use different skills according to what is being produced: music editing for a soundtrack or singing. Writing the speech-balloons for a cartoon or dialogues for a sketch. Drawing cartoons, making puppets or painting backgrounds and much, much more.

4. The pupils will be using a digital recorder, filming with the iPad, learning to edit sound and video recordings.

5. And all in English!